Want to Become a Better Writer?

They say that to learn to write, you have to read as much as you can get your hands on.

One thing you can do to become a better writer is to learn to critically analyze others’ writing. Once you get into the practice of spotting what does–and doesn’t–work in the writing of others, you can turn that lens onto your own work to do the same thing.

That’s where our critique workshops come in.

Our workshops are a safe, encouraging place to put your work out there and to get honest, constructive feedback. If someone didn’t like something you did, they will tell you why it didn’t work for them (often with suggestions on how to potentially rework it). There’s no attacking, no negative criticism.

One of the biggest benefits of our workshops is the perspective of the feedback you receive. Not only are you getting the feedback of others as readers of your work, you’re getting the objective perspective of readers who are also writers. This makes the feedback you receive at our workshops doubly valuable.

But don’t take my word for it. Why don’t you come to a workshop and see for yourself?


How We Got Our Start

Women Writing in Asheville–a.k.a. WWIA–was started by Jess Jacob in 2008 to provide women writers with a place to share their writing and meet other writers in Asheville. Our members are of diverse ages, backgrounds, and genres. The common thread is that we all love to write! We meet for kind but honest feedback of our writing. Everyone who’s shared has commented on how helpful the critiques have been in making their pieces stronger.