Workshop Requirements

Our workshops are a safe environment for writers to share their work. While we are all about constructive criticism, disrespect and personal attacks against attendees will NOT be tolerated. Anyone who does this will be asked to immediately leave the workshop.

You don’t have to share the first time you come. Join us and check us out! We’d love to meet you!


What to Bring

How it Works

  • Reading
    • Saturday Workshop: Authors seeking feedback read their work aloud.
    • Wednesday Workshop: We read each piece silently to ourselves. The author reads a selected passage aloud.
  • Critiquing
    • We discuss each piece aloud. Printed copies are provided for you to provide written comments.
  • There’s no need to sign up to read beforehand; just show up at the meeting and say you’d like to read.
  • Depending on how many people are seeking feedback, each author will have about 20-30 minutes to read and receive feedback.
  • Attending a meeting doesn’t mean you have to read, but those who are reading would appreciate your feedback.
  • Any extra time will be used as the group sees fit (writing prompts, craft of writing discussion, etc.)

We hope to see you at a workshop soon!